Co dla Ciebie znaczą pszczoły TF.....?
(09.05.2019, 19:45)Borówka napisał(a): Medical treatment na wiki wskazuje na coś jak TERAPIA LECZNICZA moim zdaniem.

Wtedy rzeczywiście łapią się w tę kategorię biotechniczny Integrated Pest Management, zabiegi biotechniczne na pszczołach, przeciwdziałające namnożeniu się pasożytów..

That is the point when pest damage (and the benefits of treating the pest) exceed the cost of treatment.[13]

Mutual Respect in the Treatment-Free Debate
Kerry Clark
BeesCene 33(3)

"With ongoing careful consideration, the strategy that the BCHPA supports, in the Certified Instructor training course and in arranging speakers, is not a specific treatment nor treatment-free approach, but Integrated Pest Management. It’s a concept broad enough to include non-chemical management, which some might categorize as “treatment-free”. It is based on monitoring and treatment if necessary, but not necessarily chemical applications. Perhaps the term “treatment” needs more careful definition. Resistant/hygienic stock, brood breaks from splitting and screened bottom boards can all count as treatment. "
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